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Tradition Sapphire

The jewel of laminated flooring...
Sapphire stones have always been celebrated for their beauty and hardness. Just like the jewel, this laminate reflects strength of character, purity and is genuine in its true-to-nature feel. This jewel amongst laminate flooring has an exclusive V-groove, milled in a random way giving it a natural look, resembling real wood with its typical particularities. The handscraped finish raises this Tradition Sapphire laminate floor to a new dimension. A real jewel with a fantastic look-andfeel effect.
A key reason for choosing Balterio Tradition Sapphire is the true matching between the beautiful laminate and the skirting. Tradition Sapphire is available in 4 trendy décors: Olive, Crafted Oak, Imperial Teak and Weathered Oak.

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