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Balterio introduces the new fold down installation system PXP®

Balterio, a division of SA Spanolux NV introduces the new and innovative PXP® [PressXpress] fold down system for fitting the short sides of flooring panels.

Years of research and development combined with the daily experiences and wishes of customer resulted in PXP ®. The clip inside the plank ensures an immediate locking of the short sides resulting in a seamless and strong joint. Now all you have to do is “press” the flooring boards into place end to end.


PXP® [PressXpress] is a complete new and innovative fold down system for flooring panels that is out of the scope of existing third party patents. PXP® has the following advantages compared to other fold down systems which make it unique:
- One single locking action of 2 panels both horizontally and vertically
- Ease of installation as the folding angle for installation is not important
- No friction force during installation

PXP® [PressXpress] was already presented in a sneak preview to Balterio customers at Domotex, Surfaces and Mosbuild in January, February and April 2011.


Completely new, innovative and exclusively developed high-tech production equipment has been designed for inserting the clip into the flooring panels. The revolutionary and state of the art transport system of the flooring panels on the production line offers :
- in-line insertion of the clip.
- unsurpassed accuracy both in milling of the panels and inserting the clip into the panels.
- unsurpassed production speed: more than 200 running meters per minute (> 200 m/min).
- unsurpassed production autonomy.
- unsurpassed economy on flooring space required for the PXP® insert-machine

The new locking system, the clip, the insert machine and the transport production system for the floor panels are protected by several (pending) patents and design rights. Balterio is very proud to present their customers/the world a new installation system for flooring that exceeds by its simplicity and efficiency. Balterio, a division of SA Spanolux NV, strongly believes that PXP® will further enhance ease of installation of its flooring panels for installers and consumers.


PXP® will be introduced on the new Infinity and Experience collections which will be presented at Domotex 2012 on the Balterio booth, Hall 9 – booth C37. More.

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