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Vivid laminate brightens up your room

Are you looking for clear laminate to brighten up your room? Read the story of Bouziane & Vanessa in Longwy who opted for a white laminate floor.

Bouziane & Vanessa chose a white Balterio laminate floor which brightens up the room. The playful effect of the striking colours in the interior makes the vivid laminate stand out in full.

Furthermore, they chose to install the same laminate throughout the house to emphasise the loft feeling and openness of the space.

Would you like to know more about Bouziane & Vanessa’s choice? Click here to read their story and have a closer look at their interior.

Are you convinced that vivid laminate is the best option for your interior? Discover our fresh colours – from snow white to nuances of white – with our laminate adviser.

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