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How to install laminate quickly and securely?

The three fast and efficient installation systems developed by Balterio allow you to enjoy the laminate of your choice in a minimum of time and for a great many years. Each of these installation systems offers ultimate installation comfort, producing a reliable and firmly secured Balterio laminate floor in a very short time. In addition, Balterio offers a lifelong* guarantee (*limited to 33 years) on the integrity of the click fixation in combination with the specially chosen Balterio subfloors ComfortSound Base, Plus and Pro.

Below is a summary of each of our three installation systems.

Our ClickXpress® [CXP] system provides extremely fast installation.
Consisting of a rotating system that easily clicks the panels together, it produces a sturdy, seamless floor.
Sturdy, reliable and 25% faster installation.

With DropXpress® [DXP] everything perfectly falls into place.
Simply let the short sides of the laminate planks fall into place. Thanks to the U-profile the planks fit together seamlessly. DropXpress® [DXP] is available for the entire Stretto collection of narrow planks, ensuring quick installation of this outstanding laminate floor.

Simply press the planks together with PressXpress® [PXP].
The innovative PressXpress fold-down installation system is available for the Infinity, XperiencePlus and Grandeur collections. The clip* in the plank ensures direct fastening of the short sides, resulting in a seamless and sturdy joint.
All you have to do then is to ‘press’ the panels into place, with the ends against each other. This Balterio installation system takes user-friendliness and ease and speed of installation to a higher level.

*registered design

Each of our three installation systems allows you to effortlessly detach and reinstall the laminate panels in case of a move or renovation.

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