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Dark laminate makes your interior warm and intimate

Are you looking for dark laminate flooring that will give your interior warmth and intimacy? Discover the story of Joeri & Dominique in Zeebrugge. They chose Balterio laminate for renovating their second home on the coast.

The downstairs originally had a tiled floor. Because this felt cold and chilly, Joeri & Dominique opted for a light laminate floor that makes the space lighter and brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the home.

Upstairs, to keep the spacious bedrooms with their high ceilings cosy and intimate, they chose a dark laminate floor. Joeri & Dominique also decided to extend the dark laminate flooring throughout the whole of the upstairs. Their preference went for the laminate floors in the Xperience Plus collection.

Would you like to know more about Joeri & Dominique’s choice? Click here to read and watch their story.

Are you convinced that dark laminate will add to the intimacy and warmth of your interior? Then use our laminate guide to make your choice from Balterio’s dark décors.

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