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Balterio introduces 150 new decors at Domotex!

Balterio, the IVC Group’s laminate division, introduced no fewer than 150 new decors in some 20 different collections at Domotex 2014.

The successful Tradition Quattro collection has had six new decors added to it. Quattro Vintage is a completely new collection with a thickness of 8 mm in a standard plank size. This new collection contains 11 contemporary decors in a vintage style.

In the existing Impressio collection, seven new decors have been added, including knots and cracks among other features. Moreover, these new Impressio decors come with “Panoramic Design”, ensuring that the design flows smoothly from plank to plank, creating the appearance of planks that are endless.

The laminate floors look even more natural thanks to True-to-Nature® technology, in which the structure follows the underlying design. 3D-Wood goes a step further still, not only ensuring that the structure follows the underlying design perfectly, but also giving the decor a sense of depth thanks to varying degrees of gloss. 3D-Wood, in combination with a V-groove, ensures that this laminate is virtually indistinguishable from true parquet/wooden flooring.

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