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Balterio introduces 100 new decors at Domotex!

Balterio, the IVC Group’s laminate division, to bring no less than 100 (!) new decors to Domotex in 16 different collections, including 2 brand-new ranges.

With Fortissimo - The floor for more - Balterio offers 12 mm thick laminate flooring in standard plank format for high-use areas in the home. All fourteen decors are True-to-Nature®, come with a four-sided micro V-groove and can be installed quickly and easily with the PressXpress® [PXP] click system, developed in-house. The collection consists of 14 beautiful oak decors and introduces two new deep matt True-to-Nature structures.

With the new Urban – inspired by city life – collection, Balterio is really breaking new ground! This collection is the perfect response to the contemporary trend for converting properties such as old factory buildings into lofts, aimed at a hip young clientele. Influential examples include lofts in New York and clothing stores such as Urban Outfitters and American Apparel: tough, industrial, bold shop interiors (with tubular structures) that are echoed in an ‘urban’ interior style. The Urban collection consists of 4 oak wood-mix decors, 4 pine decors and 4 concrete tile decors. Twelve extraordinarily beautiful decors which also go together perfectly if used in the same room. Each of the four oak wood-mix decors comes in a range of ten different patterns which are installed randomly to create an effect of old weathered, ‘lived in’ wooden planks. This is further emphasised by the new ‘Saw-cut Raw’ effect: a deep, raw and authentic structure like that of sawn wooden planks. With PressXpress® [PXP] on the eight wood patterns, easy installation is guaranteed.

The following Balterio collections have been substantially expanded with new decors and structures: Grandeur, Magnitude, Tradition Sapphire, Tradition Sculpture, Tradition Elegant, Tradition Quattro, Xperience Plus, Impressio, Stretto, Dolce and Senator.

The new brand Balterio laminate floors will be available at Balterio dealers from 01/04/2015.

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